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Staythanks (LTR)

Renter Community. Landlords. Local Business.
We help Landlords and Property managers redefine the Renter/Tenant experience. 

Apartment Building
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What We Do

Landlords are busy with maintenance requests and constantly dealing with filling vacancies, leaving them very little time for looking after the renting experience.

A typical tenant turnover costs $1800 dollars (Listing, cleaning, showing)


Staythanks provides a fun way for tenants to stay engaged in their community. Landlords love Citrus because it incentivizes rent payments and loyalty, leading to higher occupancy rates!

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Why Staythanks (LTR)?

We want to create a world that treats people in a dignified manner and appreciates everybody’s contribution to it. The current ecosystem of landlords and renters is full of bad customer experiences. The tenant rewards app is how we are initiating this mission that incentivizes people for their good behavior like paying rent on time etc. The incentives are in the form of points that can be redeemed to get perks from local mom/pop businesses. Thus creating a positive and value-driven collective community experience.

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Confident Businesswoman

"Giving a gift from a small business is giving a gift twice."

Enhance tenant experience with your customized gift curated from local businesses

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Why Citrus? Glenn Isufi :)
Why Citrus? Pasinee Bhavilai :)
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