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Redefine the guest experience.

  • Say goodbye to your vacancies

  • Improve the guest satisfaction level by 35%

  • Enhance your Local Community with us

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"StayThanks is the type of partner every short term rental host"

John - CEO Cream City Executive Stays

Staythanks: About Us

Staythanks app

Live like a local!
We help travelers live like locals. The Staythanks app  facilitates reward points for guests staying in short-term rentals (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.)  that can be redeemed at locally-owned bars, restaurants, breweries, events, and mom/pop businesses

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Staythanks: Welcome
Local Food Festival

What We Do

77% of travelers want to live like a local, but hosts are busy with maintenance requests, filling vacancies, laundry, etc. leaving them very little time for looking after the guest experience. On the other hand, small local businesses need help gaining new customers.

Staythanks: Our Technology

John Kroger

CEO @ Cream City Executive Stays

12 Airbnb listings in Milwaukee, WI

"StayThanks is the type of partner every short term rental host wants to work with. Being a host means being a part of your local community and having a tool like StayThanks gives hosts and property managers the opportunity to support the local businesses that make their communities great while saying thanks to their guests for staying with them"

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