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Rewards app helping travelers stay like a local

Staythanks' app helps you find hidden gems in mke

Thank you for "Staying" in MKE. 

At Staythanks, we're all about helping you break free from the tourist track and dive headfirst into local living. We believe that every journey should be a chance to connect with a place's soul, savor its flavors, and share stories with fellow adventurers.

With Staythanks, you'll unlock:

📌 Local Insights: Discover hidden gems and local favorites.

🎁 Exclusive Deals: Enjoy discounts at the best spots in town.

🤝 Community Connection: Connect with fellow travelers and locals.

🏨 Seamless Travel: Seamlessly integrate Staythanks with your stay.

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Copy of MobCraft Milwaukee Patio
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Lost valley
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